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At R G International , we manufacture and export fashion accessories to a wide spread market in India and overseas. We cater to the need of the fashion circuit of different countries and continents, as we are involved in the fabrication of 1,00,000 designs of accessories through the application of diverse raw materials. Some of the raw materials that are used by us are glass beads, horn beads, bone beads, cords, polyester, viscose and other components. Among the numerous ranges of fashion accessories and beaded jewellry we have certain components like: Glass Beads, Bone Beads, Horn Beads, Fashion Cords, Leather Cords, Metal Chain (Brass, Copper, Iron), Horn And Bone Buttons, Fashion Belts, Belt Buckles, Horn And Bone Buckles, Fashion Jewelery, Trims And Fringes.

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What we have for Fashion


Threads(Linen/Flax Hemp)

The word "linen" is cognate with the Latin for the flax plant. Linen is laborious to manufacture, but the fiber is very absorbent and garments made of linen are valued for their exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather.Many products are made of linen: aprons, bags, towels, napkins etc.

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sterling silver

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper. The sterling silver standard has a millesimal fineness of 925. Fine silver, is relatively soft, so silver is usually alloyed with copper to increase its hardness and strength.

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rattail cords

Rattail Cords

This basic satin rattail cord measures 3mm in diameter – the heaviest we carry. We are crafters who have used satin cord in various crafts for many years and we appreciate its beauty and versatility.You can also use our rattail to create fashionable jewelry pieces.

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Handicraft, more precisely expressed as artisanic handicraft, sometimes also called artisanry, is any of a wide variety of types of work where useful and decorative objects are made completely by hand or by using only simple tools. It is a traditional main sector of craft.

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Cotton Wax Cords

We are engaged in the manufacture and supply of high-quality Cotton Hunter Wax Cord. They are made using premium-quality raw materials at our ultramodern infrastructure facility in compliance with industrial norms and guidelines. They are highly acclaimed for their durability.

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A badge is a device or fashion accessory, often containing the insignia of an organization, which is displayed to indicate some feat of service, a symbol of authority granted by taking an oath, a sign of legitimate employment or student status, or as a simple means of identification.

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A seashell or sea shell, also known simply as a shell, is a hard, protective outer layer created by an animal that lives in the sea. The shell is part of the body of the animal. The shells are empty as the animal has died and the soft parts have been eaten by another animal or have rotted out.

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leather cord

Leather Cords

Leather cords & round leather cords which we manufacture are made of the best quality raw material which retains the downfall of the quality. Variety of colorful laces & tapes made out of fine quality of leather are used to adorn leather jackets, chaps, leggings, bracelet ends, caps.

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What our client says

Places like these keeps the culture of making things using hand. Most of the handicraft items are of superb quality.Worth Paying.

- Birinder

I have bought beautifully made wooden buttons from RG International. RG is a hub of handmade collection.

- Ashish

The whole concept is so fascinating, I hold it with a big WOW!! Under one roof , all the people may showcase their art and talent as also mingle around with like minded people.

- Rohit

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