Hemp Cord

Hemp cord is widely used for making hemp jewelry and in craft work and also in gardening. It had been in use for million of years due to its toughness and strength. Since, hemp cord is not like cotton which is having short fibres, hemp has extended fibres, which makes it more sturdy thus, ideal for craft work and ornaments. Hemp gives a smooth and even look to the product made by using it. We at R.G.International are working hard by presenting a complete product line of normal eco-friendly items from hemp that are grown and fashioned sensibly and manufactured in close vicinity to honest trade and ethics.

We are known for timely delivery of products and once you will buy from us then you will become our permanent client. The standard size of knotting jewelry with hemp is 1 mm and thicker cords are used for making chokers and dog leashes. We are in direct contact with the farmers and factories in order to make sure we get the natural hemp products without affecting the planet. Bulk shipping of hemp cord is also done by us. We have many different color in hemp cord to choose you from a wide range according to your needs. Total guidance is provided by us to our clients about the best use of hemp for their products.

Today, we are major supplier of hemp cord products. Which includes hemp fabric, hemp rope, hemp webbing, hemp cord and much more. Our main objective is to provide the best quality hemp to our customers and that too at a very reasonable price. As we keep our stock in bulk so you don't have to wait for your desired product. All our products are made from hemp fibres characterised it from its superior strength and moulding ability.

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