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At R G International , we manufacture and export fashion accessories to a wide spread market in India and overseas. We cater to the need of the fashion circuit of different countries and continents, as we are involved in the fabrication of 1,00,000 designs of accessories through the application of diverse raw materials. Some of the raw materials that are used by us are glass beads, horn beads, bone beads, cords, polyester, viscose and other components. Among the numerous ranges of fashion accessories and beaded jewellry we have certain components like:

Some of the outstanding features of our fashion accessories and beaded jewelry are:

R G International offers a wide range of handmade traditional reproduction GIFTS from “agra” a state of India. R G International product range includes wooden as well as iron handicrafts, ethnic traditional as well as various modern designs.

At R G International , due care is taken to maintain the traditional heritage of agra. We here encourage and retain Ethnicity in concepts, designs and creative skills. We have excellent infrastructure and are backed by hundreds of craftsmen. We can accept orders of your designs and specifications and strive to provide you with on time delivery, of right quality, of any quantity.

Our Designs are not only decorative but also very useful in daily life like Glass Beads, Bone Beads, Horn Beads, Fashion Cords, Leather Cords, Metal Chain (Brass, Copper, Iron), Horn And Bone Buttons, Fashion Belts, Belt Buckles, Horn And Bone Buckles, Fashion Jewelery, Trims And Fringes. PRODUCTS. R G International has an exclusive range of traditional Antiques metal fitted & Handpainted which is handmade.

R G International is currently shipping to major wholesale buyers around the globe. “Give us an Order & Relax.” Once you start doing business with us, You will never- ever require anyone else. Whether it be business or non-business related, we understand everyone appreciates that little bit extra in terms of personal care and attention. This is what we believe is important to our valued customers.

However, what is often neglected is the understanding that respect is measured by action. Speed, Reliability and Assurance are all synonymous with customer satisfaction. And we at R G International promise to delivery all three and more.

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Mrs. Rajni Gupta & Mr. Dhruv Gupta


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