Horn Beads

Horn Beads

Life is too short to follow old fashion trends. Fashion jewelry has always attracted the young generation. They just love to wear the trendy jewelry. These days horn beads ornaments are high in demand and are appreciated across the globe. We at R.G.International are specialised in these beads, you only have to choose your favourite ones. Horn jewelry is quite trendy and is popular too among youngsters. Apart from expensive gold jewelry this type of fashion accessories are always in trend.

Since each and everything has both good and bad aspects so do these horn beads. People think that horn and bone jewelry is basically taken by killing the innocent animals. But very few people are aware of the fact that no animals are killed to get the raw material. Here we would like to highlight some of the facts which are involved in these types of ornaments.

  • We only craft these horn and bone jewelry from those animals which are already dead due to some accident or ill health.
  • We use only American buffalo horns as raw material.
  • This is the coolest thing in terms of fashion accessories.
  • The uniqueness of this type of thing makes it all the more special.
  • This type of jewelry is not advised for fresh piercing as many of the materials are porous and can harbor bacteria.
This is not recommended to be worn on a daily basis, as it is not at all casual. It is extremely beautiful and adorable. Its marvellos and unique designs which are totally out of the box makes it look fabulous. This type of ornaments includes camel pendants, earrings, camel horn beads, bone jewelry boxes, etc. It is easily available too. You can get your own custom jewelry also according to your taste. It could be an old or latest design or a contrast of both.

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