Artificial Sinew


This is a best thing for sewing leather, beads work and other things as well. It's even used for making dream catchers. Its genuine in color and extremely strong and have qualities similar to original sinew. Necklaces and stringing chokers are made by using this only. It is the most handy material across American craftwork. It is perfect material for making craft projects which require sturdy, flat and thread or cord like weaving. It basically comes from artificial fibres like nylon or polypropylene. We at R.G.International supply only the best quality of artificial sinew.

Our artificial sinew is so perfect in finish that it looks like original sinew. It could be split into thin cords effortlessly for the required use by its user. The sinew is flat like a ribbon. It is very light in weight. Colors could be combined for its wide uses. Our artificial sinew is widely used for delicate projects. With our highly skilled workers we can assure you the best quality of artificial sinew. At times artificial sinew is also called as fake sinew.

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